Texas Rangers- Rangers Photographs Taken Prior To 1870 Are Rare. Pictured Here Are James Thomas Bird And John J. Haynes In 1868 

EIGHTH TEXAS CAVALRY [TERRY’S TEXAS RANGERS]. The Eighth Texas Cavalry, a group of Texas volunteers for the Confederate Army popularly known as Terry’s Texas Rangers, was assembled by Benjamin Franklin Terry in August 1861. Each man was required to furnish a shotgun or carbine, a Colt revolver, Bowie knife and a saddle, bridle, and blanket. The army would provide the mounts. 

The Terry Rangers distinguished themselves at the battles of Shiloh (April 6–8, 1862), Perryville (October 8, 1862), Murfreesboro (December 31, 1862–January 2, 1863), Chickamauga (September 19–20, 1863), and Chattanooga (November 24–25, 1863); in the Atlanta campaign (May 1–September 2, 1864); and as raiders in Kentucky and Tennessee under Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. The rangers were also part of the inadequate force under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston that attempted to slow Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s inexorable “march to the sea” during the final months of the war.

Terry’s Rangers delivered what was probably the last charge of the Army of Tennessee at the battle of Bentonville (March 19–20, 1865). Rather than surrender with the rest of Johnston’s army at Durham Station, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865, 158 of the reported 248 survivors of the regiment slipped through Union lines to join other Confederates yet in the field. With the total collapse of the Southern cause, however, the Terry Rangers drifted home as individuals and in small groups, having never officially surrendered. With the exception of Hood’s Texas Brigade, the Eighth Texas Cavalry was probably the best-known Texas unit to serve in the  Civil War. It earned a reputation that ranked it among the most effective mounted regiments in the western theater of operations.

Photo Source: Home of the Plainsmen -1830 to 1885-

Thomas W. Cutrer, “EIGHTH TEXAS CAVALRY [TERRY’S TEXAS RANGERS],” Handbook of Texas Online.  (http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qke02)

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