Albert Bierstadt’s Guerilla Warfare- Picket Duty in Virginia 1862

This painting was inspired by the above photograph of the 7th New York taken by Bierstadt’s brother. 

During the Civil War, Bierstadt paid for a substitute to serve in his place when he was drafted in 1863. He did complete one Civil War painting Guerilla Warfare, Civil War in 1862, based on his brief experiences with soldiers stationed at Camp Cameron in 1861. Bierstadt’s painting was based on a stereo photograph taken by his brother Edward Bierstadt, who operated a photography studio at Langley’s Tavern in Virginia. Bierstadt’s painting received a positive review when it was exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in December 1861, however, Curator Eleanor Jones Harvey observes that Bierstadt’s painting, created from photographs, “is quintessentially that of a voyeur, privy to the stories and unblemished by the violence and brutality of first-hand combat experience Source Info:

Artist: Albert Bierstadt Completion Date: 1862 Style: Luminism Genre: history painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 39.37 x 47.31 cm Gallery: The Century Association (United States)