The Navy Yard at Norfolk, Virginia. Burned By British Troops In The American Revolution And Burned Again By The Confederates In The Civil War

Ruins of the shipyard after the Civil War, 1864, unknown photographer. From the collection of the National Archives & Records Administration It’s the oldest and largest industrial facility that belongs to the U.S. Navy as well as the most multifaceted. 

This shipyard became a prosperous naval and merchant facility for the British Crown. In 1775, at the beginning of the American Revolution,  In 1779, while the newly formed Commonwealth of Virginia was operating the shipyard, it was burned by British troops.

In early 1862, the Confederate ironclad warship CSS Virginia was rebuilt using the burned-out hulk of USS Merrimack. In the haste to abandon the shipyard, the Merrimack had only been destroyed above the waterline, and an innovative armored superstructure was built upon the remaining portion. The Virginia, which was still called the Merrimack by Union forces and in many historical accounts, engaged the Union ironclad USS Monitor in the famous Battle of Hampton Roads during the Union blockade of Hampton Roads. The Confederates burned the shipyard again when they left in May 1862. Info from Source: WIKI