The Repatriation of African-Americans to Liberia 

Chancy Brown- Sergeant-at-arms For The Liberian Senate, 1856-1860. 

An early daguerrotype by an early African-American daguerrotypist about a uniquely African-American topic: the repatriation of African-Americans to Liberia. A difficult piece of history and a striking portrait.

13,000 African-Americans moved to Liberia during the early- to mid-nineteenth century under the aegis of the American Colonization Society and this had a long term impact on Liberian culture because these people brought Southern plantation culture with them, setting themselves up at the top.~ Note the thoroughly Westernized apparel of this African state official: epaulette, tuxedo front, velvet jacket, and satin or silk vest—all status symbols. 

African American Photographer: Augustus Washington (1820/1821 - June 7, 1875) was a photographer and daguerreotypist who later in his career emigrated to Liberia. He is one of the few African American daguerreotypist whose career has been documented.  He wanted to move to Liberia because he believed African Americans should leave the United States and start their own colony in Africa where they would not be discriminated against and would enjoy equal rights. The American Colonization Society started the process of moving African Americans to Liberia and help fund the colony. He later gave up his photographic work and became a sugarcane grower and politician.

Source: Wiki Source: The Connecticut Historical Society Photo: Library of Congress. StaceyPalmer@TheCivilWarParlor TUMBLR


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