Civil War Era Fashion Plate - April 1864 Godey’s Lady’s Book

  • Description of Steel Fashion-Plate for April

    Fig 1 - Dinner-dress of rich pearl-colored silk, trimmed with ornaments formed of gold-colored chenille cord and chenille drop buttons and fancy plaitings of the silk, edged with chenille cord. The corsage is in the Pompadour style, and the sleeve consists of merely a jockey. Fancy white muslin guimpe and sleeves. Black lace coiffure, with barbe ends.
    Fig 2 - Evening-dress of heavy white corded silk, made with a tunic skirt. Both skirts are edged with a narrow ruffle and puff, and trimmed with black lace leaves. The corsage is made round, and trimmed to match the skirt.
    Fig 3 - Child’s dress of checked silk, trimmed with shells of imperial blue silk. Red-riding-hood sack, made of scarlet flannel, and trimmed with a plaiting of ribbon and narrow black velvet.
    Fig 4 - Walking-dress of smoke-gray poplin. Both dress and sack are trimmed with rich gimp ornaments. Chip hat, trimmed with scarlet velvet and white plumes.
    Fig 5 - Rich lilac robe silk, woven with a fancy black lace design on the skirt. Sash of white silk, trimmed with black velvet. The corsage is cut in a point both back and front, to show the fancy white muslin chemisette. The hair is rolled in front, and arranged in waterfall style, and puffs at the back. Wreath of lilac velvet flowers, with a long spray on the left side.
    Fig 6 - Walking-dress of brown alpaca, braided on the edge of the skirt with black braid. Fancy plaid wrap, trimmed with chenille fringe. Peach blossom silk bonnet, trimmed with white lace and cherries for the inside trimming.
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