Civil War Doctor Anson Hurd-Keedysville, Md., Vicinity. Confederate Wounded at Smith’s Barn, with Dr. Anson Hurd, 14th Indiana Volunteers, in Attendance

Well-known to Civil War medical historians as two Gardner photographs taken of him around 20 September 1862 among the Confederate wounded of the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) are widely reprinted.

-Before the Antietam Campaign:
He served as Assistant Surgeon with the 20th Indiana (dates?). He was commissioned Surgeon and mustered into service with the 14th Indiana Infantry 21 April 1862 after resignation of the previous Surgeon.

In the photographs, Hurd is shown with his sash across his chest, indicating that he was the officer-of-the-day. Hurd left military service late in December 1862 due to exhaustion, (Note the sash’s large knot and long tassels common to all the images.)-Photographs and Information written by Alex Peck- used with permission on The Civil War Parlor

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