malina24051994 asked: Could you, please, tell me about education in the West Point Academy in 1860s? (Sorry for my english)

The Military Academy suffered during the war. The drop out/failure rate reached almost 50% of the cadets. They studied civil engineering and science, all cadets took the same classes, mathematics, French, chemistry, physics.

Establishing itself as the country’s finest school of engineering and science. Its graduates held key roles in virtually every aspect of American life.The most famous class was that of 1846 which included George McClellan, “Stonewall” Jackson, A.P. Hill, Cadmus Wilcox, George Stoneman, and last in the class, George Pickett.

Not one graduate had ever commanded an army in battle before 1861. Yet the Civil War became a West Pointers’ war, with 151 Confederate and 294 Union generals. West Pointers commanded both sides in 55 of the war’s 60 major battles, and one side in the other five. Choosing sides in the Civil War was an agonizing decision for many West Point graduates. Most remained loyal to their home states.

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