Walter Williams, Forage Master in Gen. John B. Hood’s Tenacious Texas Brigade

Walter Williams received the title of last survivor with the death of John Salling of Slant, Va., March 19 1959, in Kingsport, Tenn. Salling also wore the Gray.

"All Americans, north and south, mourn the passing of Walter Williams," Daniel said. "This is the end of an era in American history, General Williams has passed over the river to rest in the shade of the trees with the hundreds of soldiers in Blue and Gray who went before him.

Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (D) of Texas said the death of the last Civil War veteran “seals the door on a great but tragic era.”

His favorite music was hillbilly and western and as his deafness increased, so did the volume on his record player beside his bed until it resounded through the neighborhood.

Some of his statements on how to live long;
Get up for breakfast, turn around for dinner and go to bed after supper and fox hunt for exercise. More of you would get along with your wives better, you live a lot longer.
He liked a nip of whiskey, Makes a person eat hearty. But you don’t want to be drinking it all during the day.
He took his first airplane ride after he was 100 and told his daughter, Mrs. Carrie Williams James, that cars were too slow for him now.

He rode a horse when he was 103 and shot his last deer at the age of 107.-An excerpt from ‘Father Wore Gray’, edited by Lela Whitton Hegarty.


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