Officers of the USS Monitor and A Diver Swims Above the Bow of the Wreckage of the USS Monitor. (Credit: NOAA)

“When Navy divers discovered the human remains in Monitor’s turret, they immediately began referring to them as ‘our shipmates,’” said Broadwater, author of USS Monitor: An Historic Ship Completes Its Final Voyage. “Looking into these two faces is very moving for me and, I’m certain, for everyone involved in the Monitor recovery operations.”

Although an attempt was made, using forensics analysis, to reconstruct the faces of two sailors whose remains were discovered inside the gun turret of the USS Monitor, their identities remain a mystery. The men will buried at Arlington Cemetery March 8th 2013.

Remains were first discovered by Navy divers when the turret was being recovered from 240 feet of water in 2002, nearly three decades after the wreck was found.