The Last Civil War Soldiers To be Buried at Arlington March 8, 2013-Reconstructed Faces of the Two Skulls Found on the Monitor

The remains of two crew members of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor will be interned at Arlington National Cemetery on Friday. They probably will be the last Civil War sailors to be buried there.

"They sailed out in 1862 and never made it home, and now they’re finally being laid to rest 150 years later." -David Alberg, superintendent of the Monitor sanctuary.

The two Union men, discovered when the intact Monitor turret was dredged from the sea in 2002, were part of the 62 man crew. Sixteen of those sailors lost at sea when the ship capsized and sank off Cape Hatteras on December 31, 1862.

The Monitor is most known for its battle with CSS Virginian (formerly the USS Merrimack) at Hampton Roads, Virginia on March 8, the anniversary date of the planned interment. JPAC was able to narrow down possible descendants of the unknown Sailors to 30 family members from 10 different families.

"The decision to lay these heroes to rest in Arlington, honors not only these two men but all those who died the night Monitor sank and reminds us, that the sacrifices made a hundred and fifty years ago, will never be forgotten by this nation", said David Alberg, Superintendent of NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary -