Zachariah Fleming Jones, Mosby’s Ranger Date:  ca. 1864 & later

Zachariah Fleming Jones enlisted in Company D, 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Mosby’s Command in 1864 at the age of seventeen.  He was a dashing figure in his Confederate uniform, and in later years, Zack often spoke of the daring exploits and narrow escapes of Mosby and his men.  Mosby’s Rangers included some of the best horsemen in the country, who frequently traveled by night on raids about the countryside.  Again and again, Zack’s horses were wounded under him.  During a March 1865 battle at Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, Jones narrowly escaped death when his horse reared up and took the bullet intended for his rider.  Zachary Jones was paroled at Columbia, Virginia, at war’s end and spent the rest of his life in Scottsville. Story Here

Permission to post photos here by Jones’ Great Grandson Mr Bob Ash

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